Litigation practice

Litigation practice

We represent and defend the rights of our clients in Ukrainian courts and at the international judicial authorities abroad.

We provide legal assistance in private law  (family, contractual, hereditary, housing and other), criminal, commercial and administrative cases.

After examining the Client’s issue, the Attorney will determine whether the problem can be resolved by negotiation with the opposing party or whether it is advisable to seek the protection of the Client’s rights in court.   

Our experienced attorneys will help the Client to form and represent the legal position in court, as well as to carry out the litigation process correctly.

In civil proceedings, disputes are reviewed by courts of original jurisdiction; in the appellate jurisdiction; and in the Supreme Court of Ukraine- in the third (cassation) instance. But even after all three instances, there is a possibility of case review by the European Court of Human Rights.

Administrative courts review the actions and omissions of the state authorities and government structures.

Successful litigation requires the legal assistance of an attorney who will assist the Client in the determination of the legal position, prepare the necessary documents (, petitions, motions) and provide a Client with proper representation in Court.

If your opponents are suing you, the assistance of a lawyer is also necessary. The lawyer will review the lawsuit and the case file, determine what are the grounds for rejecting the complaint, prepare an answer, and protect your interests in court.

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