Criminal defence

Criminal defence

At any stage of the criminal process, the assistance of a lawyer is necessary.

The lawyer will determine the tactics of the defense, challenge the decisions, actions or omissions of the investigating authorities, will be present at interrogations and other procedural actions and help to prevent the violation of the rights.

A criminal defense lawyer is your trusted advocate.

You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible at any stage of the criminal process.

 Our professional attorneys with numerous years of experience will protect your rights at all stages of criminal proceedings by providing the following services:

  • development of criminal defense tactics and strategies
  •  defense during interrogations, searches, and other procedures
  • the appeal of decisions, actions, and omissions of the law-enforcement entities during the pre-trial investigation
  • protection of the rights of the defendant during pre-trial investigation and in court
  • other services within the framework of criminal proceedings.

Representing the victim’s interests in criminal proceedings

If you have been the victim of any crime, in order to get a remedy and to increase the chances of compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage, you should contact a lawyer.

The lawyer can represent the victim’s interests at any stage of the criminal process.
A lawyer is needed to build tactics for asserting the victim’s rights.

If you are the victim of any crime contact us today and get legal support.

The cost of legal services in criminal cases is determined individually depending on the situation and the scope of the work.

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